Gender Neutral Nursery Ideas

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Gender Neutral Nursery Ideas When decorating your nursery it’s all about theme. Boys themes or girls themes you have a lot of options to choose from with either. I know what you are thinking though. What if I don’t know what I am having but need to get the nursery ready? Good question let’s take a look at the different ideas for decorating a gender neutral nursery.

It’s very normal for most parents to design their nursery according to the gender of their baby. Most new parents these days find out the gender before the baby is born. For those of us that wait and do not want to find out before the birth, decorating a nursery can be quite the challenge. When you don’t know if your child will be a boy or girl creating a unisex nursery can be a lot of fun too. There are plenty of design ideas that cater to both genders.

Where To Begin With Gender Neutral Nursery Decorating

The best way to begin any project is come up with a plan. The plan should be fairly flexible and easily manipulated as the project progresses.

Parents will usually start with a paint color or fabric style to start building their design around. Blues,greens, and yellows are the most used for a unisex nursery but it’s always more fun to get a little creative. Bold fabrics and colors and create a fun stimulating atmosphere for your child.

Bright yellows are perfect for wall colors and then accents of blue or green make a great color combo. Blue is such a versatile color that caters to both boys and girls now days. The decor can be a variety of different shades and colors to compliment the walls and furniture.

Picking Gender Neutral Paint Colors

Designing with a Theme In Mind

Themes are a excellent way to design your nursery. You can find plenty of gender neutral themes for your babies nursery. Zoo animals are always a great theme or a landscape theme. I have see tons of Gender Neutral Nursery Ideas nurseries decorated in a Noah’s Ark theme. the possibilities are endless. There is no reason to settle on a sports or princess theme without know the sex of your baby.

After the child is born you can always add things that cater the gender, like a bow or sports decor. The nursery can be a work in progress until your bundle of joy arrives home.

Unisex Furniture selection

There are some common pieces of furniture that are usually found in a nursery. Changing table,crib,and glider just to name a few. Make sure that you are choosing things that will fit in both a boys and girls nursery. You never know what gender your child is going to be and it’s safe to buy neutral color and style of furniture.

Again you can always change out a fabric or pillow with something that fits the sex of your new born. All these things can be adapted to fit the nursery anyway you want.

In Conclusion

More than anything else it is important to make sure the nursery is a loving peaceful room for your little one. Don’t get hung up on colors or themes if you can’t decide. When it boils down to the nursery it’s a place where your children will be nurtured and loved. No design idea or decoration can help you achieve that. Good luck and have fun. Below check out a great video with great design ideas.

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