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We have found as parents we are always searching for information. It started when first trying to get pregnant and continued after we conceived. The questions and search for info didn’t stop there either. As a matter of fact I think after you have a little one you have even more questions because you are now responsible for another life. At Practical Baby Stuff we try to take the guess-work out of becoming a parent. It’s our goal to provide you with helpful tips and articles to use through this major life change.

Whether you are trying to get pregnant, plan a baby shower, or looking for product reviews on baby gear, you will find plenty of helpful and thoughtful articles at your finger tips.

Getting Pregnant: Deciding to get pregnant and change the size of your family is probably one of the most exciting moments of your life. Once this decision is made, the next step is to try everything possible to make this happen naturally. There are plenty of ways to make this happen by changing your lifestyle and living a healthy life. Sometimes these changes aren’t enough and families have to find different ways to get pregnant. We want to help you in your journey and provide you with articles to help you achieve your dreams of parenthood.

Being Pregnant: Your world is turned upside down when you get pregnant. You will experience some things that at the time might be inconvenient or comfortable but trust us it will all be worth. During pregnancy you will undoubtedly have questions that you need answers to right away. This category is here to answer those questions and provide expert in site.

Parenting: Parenthood can be one of the scariest things that you are thinking about when having a child. It’s a very important job that requires tough decision but most the time is very rewarding. Although all parents do their parenting a different way we would like to provide you with tips that have worked for others. We won’t pretend to know everything about this subject because to be honest no body does. We are all learning as we go. Consider these articles a helpful guide from parents that have experience.

Life With Baby: This is by far the best part and makes all the worrying, weight gain,nervousness, and excitement worth it. When you see that little bundle of joy and take them home to make a permanent part of your life, it is the greatest thing in this world.These articles are packed with information and tips for life after your baby enters this world. We all know there is no handbook for this so hearing tips from parents that have been there is very helpful. Let us help you when you need it.

Buying Baby Stuff: This category is packed with reviews and top tens of baby products that you will defiantly need in your journey to parenthood. We have used tons of products and know the best ones for your money. Also we provide checklists for essential items you will need before and after baby arrives. This is a great guide when you are in the market for practical baby stuff.

Baby Shower:  Probably one of the most important things when having a baby. The soon to be mother deserves to be celebrated and pampered on this day. We will provide great tips on planning and throwing a great baby shower. From the decorations to the food these articles go over it all and help you plan a party everyone will remember.